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Reduce claim denials and rejections

With direct connection to insurance companies, we'll not only verify your patients' insurance eligibility in real time, but we'll also check the exact demographic information recorded by the insurer.

Avoid long verification calls to insurers

Avoid the time-consuming and frustrating phone calls to insurers that increase the chance of human error and leave you without a verifiable audit trail to reference during a claim dispute.

How much time does your staff spend on hold with various insurers—5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes? Imagine getting complete, accurate information in a easy-to-read report, in less than 5 seconds!

Increase point-of-care collections

Get exact co-pay and co-insurance along with real-time calculated out-of-pocket and deductible amounts for the service being rendered. Collect the right amount, right away!

Reduce cost and increase revenue

When you consider the time and effort put into dealing with claim denials, uninsured patients, and human error, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars of potential revenue losses annually. Simply by retasking time towards increasing your daily patient intake, you could realize an annual revenue increase upwards of $40,000*.

The American Medical Association estimates average savings per physician of roughly $4,000** annually on resources, simply from eliminating paper-based coverage verification alone.

* Based on retasking 30 minutes a day to accomidate an additional (1) patient during the course of one year. Estimate varies based on fee charged and the number of work days during the year.
** Based on an annual average of 1,250 coverage verifications submitted for a single physician. Source: Milliman, Inc., “Electronic Transaction Savings Opportunities for Physician Practices.” Technology and Operations Solutions.

Learn even more about your patients

  • Identify primary care providers and even get their current contact information.

  • Get details about other supplementary and/or primary medical coverage.

  • Identify primary insurers or dependents on the same coverage.


Verifying your patients' insurance eligibility has never been so fast and easy. All you need is their name, birth date, and insurance ID number.


Along with a patient's most current calculated out-of-pocket, deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance information, you'll also be able to view additional insurance, insured dependent, primary insured, primary care physician, and details such as plan coverage for specific service codes.


Each time you request a coverage report, an archived version of it will be stored in your patient's file. This comes in handy at billing time or in case of a billing dispute from the insurer.


We've designed intake.io from the ground up to be fully compliant with HIPAA regulations and mandates. In fact, we've gone several steps beyond that by employing best practices from highly regulated fields such as pharmaceuticals and banking. To keep you and your practice compliant, we'll prepare a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to be mutually executed upon sign-up with intake.io. We'll continue our HIPAA diligence, so you can better focus on your practice.


256-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, and multi-phrase passwords are just our most common security features. The best ones are those we don't talk about! If you're interested in hearing more, we'd be happy to talk your ears off—but you'll have to pass a stringent background check and sign an ironclad non-disclosure agreement. If you've heard rumors, yes, it's true: more than one of our security officers has worked with a federal agency.


With hundreds of providers nationwide and more being added all the time, you can get your patients' eligibility and coverage details whether they're from your neighborhood or from Slicklizzard, Alabama.

Have multiple practice locations, or like using your mobile tools? We've got you covered! Access intake.io from wherever you are, and rest assured that our 256-bit encrypted system gives you secure access to your patients' coverage information anytime, anywhere.

Make your patient intake snappier.
Setup takes less than 5 minutes.

Small Practice $49/month

For solo practitioners or small part-time practices.

  • 250 Insurance Coverage Lookups per month
  • Unlimited Patients
  • 2 Users
  • Multiple Practitioners
    (aka multiple NPIs)
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Mid-Sized Practice $69/month

For small to mid-sized practices often with a small team of users that participate in the intake process.

  • 500 Insurance Coverage Lookups per month
  • Unlimited Patients
  • 5 Users
  • Multiple Practitioners
    (aka multiple NPIs)
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Large Practice $99/month

For medium to large-sized practices or practices with multiple practitioners.

  • 1000 Insurance Coverage Lookups per month
  • Unlimited Patients
  • Unlimited Users
  • Multiple Practitioners
    (aka multiple NPIs)
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For non-practice implementation and custom integration options, contact sales@intake.io

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